Brain Friendly Functions

Event Planners are Innovators.

What we do as event professionals isn’t managing logistics, it’s creating experiences that move the hearts and minds of people. We’re in the people business – creating meetings and events that shape how attendees think and act. We’ve had so much of our industry talk about planners “getting the right speakers” and “building the perfect event”. I believe the body of work that the majority of us do as event professionals is wanting to make a difference for others. We’ve mastered logistics. So now, let’s look at the psychology of physical meeting environments as a new way to evaluate what we do and produce even more powerful results.

I work to drive certainty for the attendee. Certainty is one of our most social drivers and calls us to action. During the planning process, for example, making sure that once people register, they get immediate confirmation; their seats, what their attendance includes and doesn’t include, notice that their invitations to private events are coming and by a certain date, not stating “soon”, etc. Certainty is also driven by proximity to people who who are going to help us be successful. All those certain elements are rewarding for the brain and overall happiness for the attendee.